Our Team 

Here at Phylomics, we come from different backgrounds, but we are all dedicated to making valuable and unprecedented changes to cancer diagnostics.

Bhavesh Pranav


Bhavesh is a recent MBA graduate from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas earned a dual master’s in Biophysics and Physiology at Georgetown University, and completed his master’s practicum and fellowship at Yale University. 

Hakima Amri, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer 

Dr. Amri received her BS in developmental biology from Constantine University, Algeria, an MS in Reproductive Physiology, and Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris, France. She conducted the post-doctoral training in molecular endocrinology at Georgetown University.

Mohamed Chaouchi

Vice President of R&D

A graduate of The George Washington University, he has 18+ years of experience leading the development of secure and critical software applications with high organizational impact and national visibility. He holds a patent for the data-mining platform utilized by Phylomics. 

Mones AbuAsab, Ph.D.

Chief Commercial Officer 

Received his Ph.D. degree in phylogenetic systematics from Ohio University. He has been working on clinical ultrastructural pathology as well as collaborative research projects for the last 13 years. His record of publication is diverse and includes papers on bioinformatics, plant systematics, tumor biology, virology, traditional medical systems, and global warming

Charles Sturgeon


Currently, a second-year undergraduate at The George Washington University, majoring in cellular and molecular biology.

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