We detect cancer early, 

when treatment is most effective.

The Problem: 

A growing number of Americans are becoming patients, and many are diagnosed too late

Our Solution: Detecting Early 

A cancer diagnosis can be scary. With Phylomics, it doesn't have to be. Our ability to easily and accurately detect cancer at its earliest stages makes cancer more affordable, treatable, and most importantly, survivable. 

Blood Draw

Looking for non-cell indicators of real-time changes in gene expression, immune activity, and proteins.

Decoding Algorithm 

Intelligent model decomposes complex genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic datasets to reveal clinically actionable insights.

Pioneering Detection

Our multidimensional tools show the relatedness between subgroups of healthy and diseased individuals and the latter's shared aberrations.

Early Detection Decreases Costs 


The significance of the proposed test that Phylomics is developing cannot be over-emphasized because it will radically reshape the field of medical oncology [...] Such a test will move the medical field beyond personalized medicine to precision medicine

Dr. Christopher Loffredo 

Professor of Oncology and Program Leader for Cancer Prevention, Georgetown University 

Strategic Partners

Working with the National Science Foundation has allowed us to take the first steps in moving our proprietary technology from the laboratory into the real world. 

As a member of the accelerator's 10th cohort, Phylomics has worked collaboratively with other ventures to solve 21st-century problems. 

As part of the Houston 2019 cohort, Phylomics is working with MassChallenge industry experts and advisors to build the best business strategies possible.
We've built a quality partnership with the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. Together, we've extensively researched and validated our process. 

With trusted financial advisory, risk assessment and consulting, Deloitte is helping us evolve how we approach market challenges 
Phylomics is fortunate to gain legal insights from a leading law and government relations firm like Bracewell LLP.
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